Just 36 cents – One time spend

If you have 36 cents in your egold account, you can get back $3359.16 by joining this easy to reach 6×6 matrix.And one time spend of 36 cents you get over $99.00 in marketing tools and e-books. Join and lock your position now http://www.6thorigin.com/index.php?ref=3312974

When you refer other members through your referral link, they directly pay the members in their up line.No need to wait to reach minimum and no need to ask the admin for payout.

Each member referred by you is placed under you until you have six members in first level, and after that your referred member will be given to that member in your downline randomly who has not six members in his dowline. This is known as spill over.

Each new member pays $0.06 to six members to your up line paying direct to each members e-gold account. No waiting to get paid – get paid direct to your account six levels deep regardless who brings in new members in your group.

Four Steps To Join:

1. Easy sign up
2. Complete six payments of 6 cents to each upline member.
3. Invite as many people you know on your list to join. Be the first to announce in forums, start downline builders, advertise on traffic exchanges, safelists, message boards.
4. Visit our forum.

Your earning Potential

Your Level Level Members Earnings

Here are your marketing tools and ebooks:
1. Webmastertools. Zip
2. Build.Zip
3. Auction.zip
4. Amt.Zip
5. Aas1.zip
6. Ebay.Zip
7. 21Secrets.zip
8. 101Secrets.zip
9. Adsense101.Zip
10. Advanced Submitter.zip
11. Auction.zip
12. CashFlow.Zip
13. CashMachines. zip
14. Ebay2001.Zip
15. EbayExtreme. zip
16. Gurupac.zip
17. Hitnet.zip
18. Killersite.zip
19. Kiss.Zip
20. 7Secrets.zip

Free Registration, just click this link



  1. anonymous said

    what a crap… don’t tell me you really believe that

  2. counterstr said

    pre teen pageant gown

  3. counterstr said

    pre teen pageant gown

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